FIXY Broken Makeup Binder - Custom Makeup Binder (0.68 oz)


Our .68 oz FIXY Makeup Repair Binder / Refill bottle has 2 simple ingredients, which help press your powder makeup perfectly. It's the ultimate makeup fix and won't change the color of your pressed powders. It will leave your newly pressed makeup exactly the way you bought it. We didn't add ingredients you don't need, but we tested options over multiple years to find the perfect blend that works great with the FIXY Makeup Creation & Repair Kit. There is no need for your makeup to dry overnight. Since alcohol is one of the ingredients, your makeup will also be sanitized. Our customers love how well this makeup binder works and even use it to depot makeup.


+Patent Pending

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Manana S.
Love this

I use this in my pro kit! It’s a must have

Carolina Aponte (Denver, US)
Works Great!

I was able to transfer my favorite shadow into a new pan thanks to this. I tried it with loose pigments but didn’t have the same luck. I’m gonna try again, see if maybe I needed to add more binder.

Kelsey Hansen (Denver, US)
I love this!

I love this! It is great for when any pan breaks in the mail! I love this!

Megan H.
Awesome customer service!!

I received the system as a gift and my package was missing the spray. I emailed the company and they responded super fast and shipped out the spray right away. When I got the spray they had included an extra spray!! I just love that they owned the ooops, made it right fast, friendly with a little something extra for my inconvenience!

Dani L.

Love does exactly what it’s supposed to.

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