1. Place a paper towel or sheet of paper down to cover your workspace
  2. Take the top off the PRESS (so you have just the part with holes)
  3. Choose your tin size and drop it into the same size hole
  4. Pour your loose glitter into the top of the pan
  5. Shake the binder and add about 5 drops of binder 
  6. Use the pick end of the (pick/scraper) to mix the binder until all of the glitter is wet. I might start to form a ball
  7. Next, use the scraper end to level/spread it out as best you can
  8. Lay a tissue on top of the holes
  9. Line up the press top over the tissue and holes then press down for a few seconds
  10. Remove the top, lift the tissue and use

Feel free to watch my demo video on IG it that helps!