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Have a question about FIXY or our FIXY Makeup Repair Kit? We are here for you! You can find most of our commonly asked questions on the page below, or email us:

Yes you can find our How to use FIXY video here!

Yes but we haven't finished it yet ;)

Fix these types of powder makeup:

  • Eye shadow, blush, bronzer and pressed powder.

We haven't found a way to fix these (call us if you know how!):

  • Mica and Glitter makeup do not like being pressed and dont play well with our kit.

Glitter and mica typically will not press well at all, not even with our kit #sadpanda.

Mineral makeup - Traditional Mineral Makeup comes in a loose powder and typically the first ingredient is Mica, Non Traditional Minea.

  • Organic mineral makeup typically won't include any parabens, fragrance, talc, preservatives, oil, or other harsh chemicals.
  • Mineral powders include iron oxides, mica, and titanium dioxides among other elements.
  • Not all makeup that has the word "mineral" in its name is actually true mineral makeup.
  • Can come both loose and pressed.
  • Typically is labeled as "mineral".
  • Does NOT require our binding spray.


  • Non-mineral makeup doesn't meet the requirements listed above.
  • May use iron oxides, mica, and titanium dioxides in them but not as the first ingredient.
  • DOES require our binding spray (comes standard with our kit).
  • When doing the makeup repair kit process, we recommend trying to press mineral makeup WITHOUT using the binding solution. Many mineral makeups have a binder within them so they typically just need a good amount of force to press them back to new.
  • Some mineral makeup will not press with our without our binder.

Here are tips for determine the right makeup tin size when using the FIXY Makeup Repair Kit:

  • No matter what, if you pick the wrong size, you can always do the steps again!
  • Our makeup tins are slightly deeper than traditional makeup tins.
  • Once you grind your makeup, it will be about 2x larger in volume before pressing it.
  • Comparing the amount of makeup you had when it was pressed can give you an idea of what size to choose
  • Our large tin is smaller then most pressed powders. You may want to make more. Having 2 filled tins is better then 1 half full.
  • Here are specific details about the volume of our tins.
    • Small = .05oz
    • Medium = .12oz
    • Large = .35 oz
  • Don't fill past our fill line in the press base.
  • If you have extra makeup, you can do the process a second time and make a second tin up.
  • If you overfill the ground up makeup in the press base, pour it back into the collection base and re-pour it again, but only up to the fill line.
  • Place a clean sheet of paper under your work space before you start to help collect any overage.
  • We recommend lifting the press top and inspecting your makeup (before lifting both the press top and bottom).
  • If your makeup doesn't look nice and smooth, try these steps:
    1. Try re-pressing with a tissue over the powder.
    2. Still not perfect? Start from Dump it! and skip the spray this time.
  • GRIND up whats left and fix into a smaller tin.
  • See our online instructions to learn how easy it is to fix and create new makeup.

If you have multiple powders and want to blend them, follow these steps:

  1. Grind all the colors through the screen.
  2. Use the Scraper/Pick tool to mix the colors up in the collection base.
  3. Next, follow our online instructions from the POUR steps and on continue on.
  4. You can also purchase matching individual makeup cases.
  1. Dump any excess powder into the trash.
  2. Fill your sink with soapy water.
  3. Gently wash each piece with a sponge.
  4. Use a brush or your PICK to clean the bottom of the GRINDER.
  5. Rinse each piece and lay out to dry.
  6. Pack all your FIXY tools inside your kit
  7. Take a warm bath, you deserve it!

I spent an entire year trying to figure out an effective DIY solution, but here are the problems:

    • Makeup is about 2x the volume after you grind it up, making it really difficult to get back into it's original case and without making a huge mess
    • Many DIY solutions require adding a lot of rubbing alcohol, which can change the color of the makeup and requires you to wait a long time before you can use it again.
    • The DIY process typically make a huge mess so we strive to minimize how messy the process could be when working with a fine powder.