FIXY Broken Makeup Repair Kit & Makeup Blender (w/ small palette)


Discover why our customers keep raving that the FIXY kit is "fast & easy with way less mess!" You can recycle your broken makeup with the simple steps of GRIND, BIND, PRESS & USE! Your favorite eyeshadow, blush or pressed powder will look brand new with NO color change and NO fragrance added. Plus, you can upcycle and blend your unused makeup colors to create a new shade. You can even depot your makeup using the FIXY kit. See videos on the FIXY Youtube channel.

Just hand wash and use it again and again.

Our founder Jill spent years testing and designing the most reliable and durable kit and she backs all FIXY products with a money-back guarantee.

Makeup blending box, makeup press, custom pick & scraper, mini brush, grinding tool, 3 small magnetic eyeshadow pans (27mm), 3 medium magnetic makeup pans (37mm), 3 large magnetic makeup pans (47mm), .68 oz FIXY makeup binding spray, 1 empty magnetic makeup palette with mirror, and visual & written instructions.

Alcohol and Water Based Silicone.
Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, SLS-Free, Fragrance-Free, Vegan, & No Color Change. Our 
binding spray is not full of harmful ingredients and won't irritate your skin. It dries immediately and will not change the color of your makeup. Countless options were tested over several years to find the perfect blend.

Customer Reviews

Based on 153 reviews
Kelly Ann Gleason (Denver, US)
I had a stack of

I had a stack of makeup pallets that were either broken, I only liked certain colors, etc. I was able to depot everything and condense it down to exactly what I need and I’m now able to carry around the equivalent of probably 20+ pallets in the space of 8. I used the fixy kit to repair broken makeup and also separate large products into smaller sizes. I’ve already gotten a ton of use out of it and will use it a lot in the future!

Bri Stine (Miami, US)
love the idea

Love the idea for daily consumer but as a makeup artist I wish the pans were square, I however am able to use this for my square pans just not as solid and I feel the need for more pressure. I have made it work but wish they would make them squares as pallettes fit more square rectangle shapes without wasted space. Just something to think about. other than that it is amazing.

Raquel Garcia (Denver, US)

I am a klutz some times and tend to drop my eyebrows etc. this has saved me money and time because now when I break it I don’t have to throw it away and run to the store to buy a new one. I can just restore it at home to how it was before bit broke. Now I get more for my buck. I have had a great experience using it and some sometimes I even create new colors.

Rosemary Quezada (Denver, US)

Love this tool! It’s a must have for all makeup artists!!!! I just saved and reported so many of my shadows, blushes, and powders! I wish I had two more!!!

Barbara Blank (Denver, US)
Excellent quality

I’ve only used Fixy twice and I am sold. Do yourself a favor and buy it! Worth every Penny 💜

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