FIXY Refill Binding Spray


FIXY makeup repair and creation kit Binder
FIXY makeup repair and creation kit Binder FIXY makeup repair and creation kit Binder

Our .5 oz FIXY binder is simple and perfect. It won't change your colors and will leave your makeup exactly the way you bought it. We didn't add a bunch of stuff you don't need and this does not need to dry overnight. Because we use alcohol your makeup will be sanitized when you get done.

Gluten Free

+Patent Pending

Customer Reviews

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Toooo good to be true

This was so amazing and effortless to use, that I am still mind blown at the amazing job it did. TOTALLY RECOMMEND!

Works great. Wish it came in a big dropper bottle.

The stuff works great, but I'm just not a fan of how powdery my makeup turned out when I only used 4 pumps of the binding solution. I watched the video, read the instructions on the site, and watched Youtubers use the product; other than the fact that I don't have the FIXY itself, it can't be anything I did wrong. Some repressed products are so delicate that a gentle touch with a brush causes kick-up. I used more than the recommended amount, plus more alcohol to get them a paste-like consistency, forming it into the pan, and waiting until it pulled away from the edges before pressing it; products were more solid and had less kick-up. Still a great product, though!

Great Stuff!

The spray does exactly what it promises quickly and efficiently. It's Great Stuff!

Strong smell

The scent of alcohol absolutely hits you when you use it. It seems to bind some products better than others (no problem with powder blush, but super creamy highlighters like the Inglot soft sparkler and buttery contour powders like the KKW formula are a no go). If you're planning to depot a lot of products the little bottle may not last that long. Seems to work on the whole, but I'm no expert and may be doing something wrong!