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Fixy Makeup Repair Kit

The Repair kit was not only easy to use, but It also left my broken powdered makeup as if nothing ever happened. I really enjoyed using the kit and I'm extremely happy to have found it! It's something that every girl with makeup NEEDs. It's a huge money saver as it fixes the makeup rather than having to spend money on a new one. I highly recommend this product ! the palette it came with is also amazing! It keeps my repaired makeup organised and in tact! 10/10 :)

Great Product & Great Customer Service

I bought this over a month ago and it saved my shattered eyeshadows and highlighters. At first my stuff was showing that it was in transit and it wasn't giving me updates. When I emailed about it since it was taking so long to arrive, they were quick to respond and super kind. I am very happy with my purchase and definitely will make future purchases with this company.

Great customer service

This was a replacement for a broken one that came with the kit. Customer
Service is a 10


Ive been smashing my eyeshadows all the time. Fixy is an innovative very smart product a must have tool in fixing makeup for any Mua out there

Christmas Gift - cannot provide a review

I cannot review what is a gift for Christmas and not for my own personal use.

This is a must have!

After years of trying to use old techniques to re-press broken products finally there is an easy and more efficient way! I am so excited to have been introduced to FIXY by another professional makeup artist who swore by it too. This product is for anyone who understands getting the best value from their product investments. We all have powders that break from time to now is the time you all invest in this little miracle of a system! You will not be disappointed!

Great little repair kit, let’s talk about it shall we?

I got my Fixy repair kit and tried it right away with a broken MAC eye shadow. At first glance, I loved the concept the packaging the compact design, everything! Not cheap, well made, and looks like it will last me for a long time. I then when on to actually try it on a broken MAC eyeshadow. I followed the steps and looked at the concept a little closer. Now the details revealed something very interesting ...the size of the metal pans. Fixy will send you the box, an empty metallic palette ( same concept as zpalette ), and the different size of empty metallic wells. These wells will work with the Fixy but are a tiny bit larger than the MAC wells....they fit in the MAC palettes mind you. So I am very curious if the MAC wells or any other company wells will work with the Fixy system...or if they were smart enough to come up with a system that only works with the FIXY. ALSO, shout out to the FIXY TEAM... WHAT ABOUT SQUARE WELLS the round wells are great but when you are deporting and trying to minimise kits or wanting to maximize space square wells are wonderful. All in all the FIXY WORKS and is a must-have in any makeup artist Arsenal.

Love this thing

Easy to use, makeup comes out looking brand new, and I honestly had a good time using this

Amazing product

I repaired my broken highlighter and it was working great!

No Package Yet

I ordered them in Nov the 25th and still do not have my package, its been 17 days!!!


I originally looked at the FIXY repair kit when I dropped and shattered my favorite blush, but I hesitated on purchasing at that time. I JUST finally purchased it during the Black Friday sale, and let me say it is worth every penny full price and then some! I condensed 8 palettes worth of make-up (most that I only used 1 or 2 colors from) into the large size palette! I even created a new eyeshadow from 4 different colors I usually combine. So easy to use, so FUN to use! Love my new custom palette!

Review insistence

Happy with purchase until I received multiple emails to provide review.

I love how much the

I love how much the company cares about the customers and how amazing the products are!

A life saver!

I was about to throw away some broken highlighters and a palette and FIXY came into my life and helped me repair them ! I love this product!!!

Amazing product

I really love this kit! I could repair my broken highlighter that I got from Ipsy over two years ago. It had arrived broken.

Don’t Ask

That’s what I have branded my products after fixing all my broken palettes and mixed and made my own colours . Thanks Fixy for creating this wonderful tool to fix all the broken makeup.. just love it ..


It Bella work perfectly, I highly recommend!

A must have

This is one of those tools that any one who loves makeup must have as part of their makeup kit. We have all at one point or another dropped a palette and played that game of not trying to move it around so you could try to salvage the broken pan or have like a bunch of palettes with half used empty and pans just hanging around causing clutter. Fixy for me has been a great tool to help me not only fix broken makeup as well as de clutter and free up space in my makeup kit. I am so happy to have found this product and put it to use. I think anyone who tries it will really love it.


I really love this product. I think that this is a must have for any makeup kit. Ready for any accident

Loved it!

It worked so well and fixed my makeup so it was like brand new! Huge fan.


I used up all the pans i had ordered first because i pressed every loose pigment i owned, repressed every broken shadow and depotted all my fave to put them together in a magnetic palette. I HAD to get a refill because i cant live without fixy anymore.