While working with our final industrial designer in our last design phases, we kept coming back to the same core values. The FIXY makeup repair kit had to be quick & easy, fun to use and an elegant design. This proved to be a challenge throughout the process, resulting in one 3D print after another. We also had countless makeup artists and other makeup users testing the different makeup kits. We finally got to the point where the makeup kit fit all of the high-level requirements so next steps were the provisional patent.
We lucked out and won a patent contest a year ago through Rocky Mountain Patent. Jeff Schell was our amazing patent attorney that guided us through the steps to submit documentation to the US Patent office. We provided extensive documentation as requested, then were finally ready to submit. It feels like a huge wait was lifted from my shoulders. I am beyond proud of getting to this milestone and am ready to celebrate the accomplishment. The first makeup repair kit is now patent pending and we are sourcing manufactures. This is really happening! We can’t wait to share our product with as many makeup lovers as possible, especially those with the misfortune of breaking their makeup. No longer will you need to throw out makeup because you dropped your eye shadow or broke your favorite blush in your purse or your pesky kids decided to press that powder!

Jill Rossini; Co-Founder

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