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Love this kit

The Fixt kit is amazing overall. It grinds and presses makeup with ease. The solution does not alter the formula in any way that is noticeable after application. This kit even revived an expensive pigment I have while keeping its silky application. There are a couple of things I would change about the component though. The plastic cube comes apart too easily. I wish it stayed together better. I wish each component had a magnetic closure to securely hold it together, much like a lot of bullet style lipsticks do. The seams where the screen attach are kind of difficult to get product out of. It would be nice to have a rounded bowl effect where the screen is attached to the plastic as opposed to a harsh angle that catches product. I would also love to see the rounded edges in the bottom tray that catches the powder so it is not so hard to get all the pigment out of the corners and around the edges. I am very happy with the kit, but these three changes would make it the most perfect product ever. I do recommend purchasing this, it has made pressing makeup a lot easier!

Best thing ever

I live fixy the only thing is i wish there was more different pan sizes like a even smaller circle or some small squares like the small squares from perfect palette as a makeup artist if i can i’ll condense my kit small as possible but other than that i love fixy it’s perfect

love this product

I love my Fixy kit, what a difference this has made to my kit, thank you :) X

FIXY system is a must!

FIXY system is a must have , the sieve and press make the whole process so much easier..Customer service is fantastic too. I hope in the future FiXY will be able to offer additional stamp sizes and shapes. That would make it perfect..


Super!! 😍😍 Utile, adoro combinare anche le sfumature degli ombretti a mio piacimento e crearne nuovi con colori nuovi mescolati. Fantastico!!

Life saver!

This set is awesome for the price! Love the palette quality, it is large and sturdy and has a nice mirror! Also the brand owner is an amazing person

Best binder ever!

This liquid magic in a bottle has saved me from my broken shadows (from traveling) becoming more loose powders in my kit. I’m so happy I could save them! And these bigger bottles are so convenient to refill the spray bottle with!

Absolutely Perfect!

The only question is, "Why didn't I think of this?" I love these pans! Now, I can fix broken makeup or move makeup from a non magnetic pan to these. Easy storage. Thank you!


Love does exactly what it’s supposed to.


I had a big mishap deporting a few eyeshadow pallets and this absolutely saved the day ! Thank you!!

Love it

Wish I had this years ago. I could have saved so many broken power products. I’m happy I have this now.

Makeup lovers, you need this!

Such a great tool to have for not only my personal collection but also for my kit. With all the downsizing, sadly there is a chance for a little casualty here and these, but now with this tool, all problems avoided! Thank you for making such a great product..


A very nice product. You have to try yourself first, but then you get addicted to doing everything new

Love it!

Amazing, have gotten a lot of use out of it so far!


It’s the perfect amount of pans I need as a MUA. Great refill

Nice bundle

I really like the refill package. I wish it had a depotting tool, though. I lost mine (more like I broke it, woops).

Fix, geek and create!

First of all: the item was shipped a few hours after I bought it! That says something about the dedication of FIXY! But I'm not going to go in to the rollercoaster that is shopping internationally in these times (because, boy, does my national postal service ride the delays-because-of-covid-train hard. As if they were never late and sucky before the pandemic).

Ok, I spend a great portion of my free time messing around with my makeup, de- and repot, (re-)organize, create new color stories and mix new shadows more than I actually wear it, and have an absolute time doing it. This little pressing kit, this two-toned cube of joy, has really elevated both the process and outcome for handpressing and I'm super-thrilled about it. I haven't used it to actually fix anything yet but based on what else I've created with it, fixing broken makeup is just another activity I can look forward to.

The two upper layers (press and mold) make it so much easier to pour powder into pans and press while minimizing the mess. Got a palette with one or more shadows you never use? Don't wanna risk the structural or aesthetic integrity of the palette by de- and repotting (dissolving glue, bending cardboard, breaking plastic, scratching artwork)? Scrape 'em out, place the mold over the pan and replace the shadows with something you'll actually use. The mold keeps the new shadow from spilling on to the other shadows in your palette. I couldn't do that before since my old setup was a plastic disc and to pieces of folded paper.

The press itself is a durable plastic tube in a removable rubber sleeve. The rubber keeps you (well, me at least) from pressing the shadows too firmly, and the fact they are removable makes the thing easier to clean (because you will clean).

Would you rather create something new, mix colors you already have lying around? The two lower layers are a mesh grinder and a tray. Scrape your desired colors on to the mesh (you can use the included tools), grind them through with the little handle fella and collect in the tray. It's hilariously easy! I've made some pretty cool custom everyday shadows, Frankenstein'ed from other colors that I found either too light, dark, not the right tone and whatnot. My only advice here is to stick to mixing shadows of similar type and density to get the most uniform results.

I really like that the kit covers the most common pan sizes (26 mm, 36-37 mm and 44 mm) but I'd still like to see a press and mold for 57 mm pans, since many bronzers, highlighters and body powders come in this size, as a purchasable add-on for the future. Maybe it could be made to stack on top of the existing kit? I also understand that making presses and molds for square pans presents a challenge, as not all square pans are created equal, whereas a circle is a circle.

One thing I had to add to the kit myself was a broader, flat brush to scoop powders from the tray to the mold. The included brush is a small round guy that is great to brush powders from the mesh grinder but because I press several shadows in a sitting, I needed something a bit bigger to really get all the powders from the tray. A tiny add-on to fit the way I personally use the Fixy kit.

I've only used the binder once and it's not for me - I just prefer pressing my powders in the dry. But I like that it's a spray. Also, the alcohol in the binder won't sanitize your makeup. You sanitize powder makeup by baking it (heating it up to germ killing temperature. If you do this, the composition of your powders may change as pigments and binding agents may evaporate or otherwise alter). The alcohol's job in pressing is to create an even distribution of powder, then evaporate and leave behind a firm, uniform result without disrupting the composition of the powder itself. Alcohol is especially relevant if you're pressing without actually pressing, the way we fixed our broken makeup in the olden days: grind up powder, mix with alcohol to create a gross paste, spread said paste in pan, leave out and let alcohol evaporate until paste turns back in to powder.

To summarize: I adore the Fixy kit! When you aren't using it, it stacks in to a cube! That's nothing short of fabulous! I love that tools don't have to be ugly! Girl, get that patent!

Great products

love to be able to save my eyeshadows or blushes!!! thank you fixy!!

This is the best!!

I am so happy that I decided to purchase this to fix my makeup! The customer service is just amazing and they were quick to help me out when I had questions. I definitely will be buying more makeup repair stuff from this company!!!

Love it!

This product has come in handy! It’s easy to use, the instructions are clear, I will definitely be ordering again

OMG yes🔥🔥🔥🔥

I have looked at this product for so long and finally bought it it works amazing super easy to do love it every MUA must have

Fixy Makeup Repair Kit

The Repair kit was not only easy to use, but It also left my broken powdered makeup as if nothing ever happened. I really enjoyed using the kit and I'm extremely happy to have found it! It's something that every girl with makeup NEEDs. It's a huge money saver as it fixes the makeup rather than having to spend money on a new one. I highly recommend this product ! the palette it came with is also amazing! It keeps my repaired makeup organised and in tact! 10/10 :)

Great Product & Great Customer Service

I bought this over a month ago and it saved my shattered eyeshadows and highlighters. At first my stuff was showing that it was in transit and it wasn't giving me updates. When I emailed about it since it was taking so long to arrive, they were quick to respond and super kind. I am very happy with my purchase and definitely will make future purchases with this company.

Great customer service

This was a replacement for a broken one that came with the kit. Customer
Service is a 10


Ive been smashing my eyeshadows all the time. Fixy is an innovative very smart product a must have tool in fixing makeup for any Mua out there