FIXY Large Magnetic Palette


FIXY Large Empty Magnetic Palette
FIXY Large Empty Magnetic Palette FIXY Large Empty Magnetic Palette FIXY Large Empty Magnetic Palette FIXY Large Empty Magnetic Palette

Strong and Beautiful! 

Our empty large magnetic palette is a great addition to the FIXY makeup repair kit as you this can hold a ton of tins. This palette is perfect for makeup artists and any makeup fanatics that want to repair and organize all their favorite makeup. The large palette is slim and allows for perfect storage. Supers strong construction and magnet.

  • Dimensions: 8”x5.3”
  • FIXY makeup tins adhere perfectly to the magnetic palette
  • Large Mirror on the lid

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Good, I like it

Great Case

Perfect to store my magnet collection. I purchased a second one, I liked it so much.

Gift for my makeup savvy teenager

Haven't tried this yet, bought as a gift for my daughter. It was shipped very fast. I can't wait for her to try it out. She has been asking about it for a while.

Where have you been all my life!?

"I absolutely LOVE this magnetic palette.
The quality of strength in this is BEYOND me.
It’s so strong! I love that my pots do not fly around, and move during application to my brushes.
Aside from THAT, which that alone was what SOLD ME! The palette is equipped with a very generous sized mirror on the inside. Wether I’m using my personal one or the one in my professional kit, that mirror comes to great use. The sleek pink finish on the outside ties in the aesthetic look of my entire kit!
I’m very -VERY- pleased with my purchase!
And will be coming back for more.
Quality and quantity are checked off with FIXY.

Strong, Durable, Great Size!

I am so pleased with this palette! This is definitely one that will not break down or need replaced ANY time soon! The magnets are strong and the mirror is such a great size inside! The depth is perfect, and it has a great weight to it! Thank you!